Cable TV Channels

Pismo Coast Village is pleased to offer our guests the following cable television channels.

A & E Golf Channel
ABC Headline News
American Movie Classics HGTV
Animal Planet History Channel
Cartoon Network Learning Channel
CBS Lifetime
CNBC Nickelodeon
CNN PBS (Los Angeles)
Comedy Central PCV TV Guide
Discovery PCV Resort TV
Encore Speed
ESPN Spike
Family Channel TBS
Food Network TNT
E! Entertainment Fox HD
Fox Travel Channel
FX HD History HD
Fox Movie USA
Fox News Visitor TV
Fox Sports Weather Channel
National Geographic NBC HD

Additional TV listings information can be obtained online at and enter zip code 93449 for Pismo Beach.

Internet Access

Pismo Coast Village is pleased to offer resort-wide complimentary wireless internet access to our guests.

Our network is powered by state of the art hardware and a 250Mbps fiber internet connection.  We provide service on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels and support all current protocols, including 802.11ac.  If your device is 5GHz-capable, we recommend utilizing this higher frequency since it is a significantly cleaner spectrum and should offer superior performance to the 2.4GHz options.  The system DOES permit video streaming, but you will need a web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) to accept our Terms of Service agreement.  While many streaming devices and TVs have this feature, there are also many that do not, so please be sure to check your device’s documentation.

Since Wi-Fi signals are primarily “line-of-sight,” strength will vary throughout the park and can be affected by various environmental conditions, including trees, RVs, weather, and other electronic signals. While our system is providing coverage of the entire resort, the closer you are to one of the access points, the better your reception will be. Reception will also likely be stronger outside your RV.  Please factor this into your site preferences if you will be utilizing the wireless access.

Please be aware that hotspots, like any DSL or cable connection, are not inherently secure. Users must therefore adopt additional security measures such as firewalls, Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections, and antivirus and anti-malware software.

Additional information can be obtained at the Registration office.  Please be sure to contact us during your stay if you experience any issues with the network so we can attempt to assist you.