It’s a regular mini-mart!

Our General Store features everything you need to complete all of your RVing needs. Forget your toothbrush? We’ve got it! Need suntan lotion? We’ve got it! Want to make your campfire special with those famous SMORES! We’ve got all of the makings!

Fresh coffee daily (and donuts on the weekends) will greet you in our General Store when you come in for your daily newspaper. You can choose from two of our local papers, the Los Angeles Times and even the local newspapers from Fresno and San Francisco. PLUS we even carry USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. So as you relax and vacation till your heart’s content, you can still keep up with national news and your stocks!

We also feature local wines.

Plus……. We carry sand castle building kits, and many adorable stuffed animals for the kid in everyone! And all of your beach needs…..towels, suntan lotions, wearing apparel, and more………

Looking for a special gift for your loved ones back home? We carry a range of beach gift items from sea shells to sea creatures and beyond.

Need to make a phone call?  We have pre-paid phone cards!

Are you a reader?.. We have mysteries, drama and romance.. magazines and your morning newspaper…